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 Is a blacksmith shop located in Coupeville, WA  on beautiful Whidbey Island.  Owned and operated by Brian Strelow, a Certified Journeyman Farrier through the American Farriers Association. While the primary focus of the forge may be dedicated to the art and science of farriery, many custom blacksmithing projects are created within its doors.  Stray Dog Forge has a complete line of handmade farrier tools for the skilled craftsman to enjoy. The Forge is also proud to host many educational opportunities throughout the year for farriers and blacksmiths alike. 


  • 1998-Graduate Oregon State University (BS in Sports Medicine)

  • 1998- Graduate Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School

  • 2000-Certified Farrier with the American Farriers Association (AFA)

  • 2001-Certified Journeyman Farrier with the American Farriers Association

  • 2016-AFA Approved Tester

  • 2017-AFA Approved Instructor

  • 2021-AFA Approved Examiner

  • 2023-AFA Theraputic Endorsement

  • 2023-AFA Forging Endorsement

  • 2023-AFA Educator Endorsement


  • AFA Region 1 Board Representative

  • Board Member Farriers Association of Washington State (FAWS) 1999-2006, 2015-Present

  • Presldent Farriers Association of Washington State 2004-2006, 2021-present

  • Board Member American Farriers Association Pre-Certification Committee 2017-present

  • Referral Farrier Mt. Tahoma Veterinary Hospital 1999-2006

  • Instructor AFA/AAEP Vet/Farrier Short Course: 2005,2007 Washington State University, 2007 University of Pennsylvania, 2008 Western University, 2008 University of Saskatchewan

  • Assistant Instructor WWCC Summer Program: First Week of Class 2003-2005


  • American Farriers Association since 1998

  • Farriers Association of Washington State since 1998

  • World Championship Blacksmiths since 2010

  • Northwest Blacksmiths Association since 2018


  • Markus Schmitter Humintarian Award 2006

  • 4-Time WA State Horseshoeing Champion 2018 ,2019,2021, 2022

  • 2022 & 2023 AFA Allen Smith Excellence in Administration Award

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